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Designed to give you the best experience possible, with tons of uses.

Here are a few features...

No Setup Required

Everything is based on a user's permissions, meaning you don't need to configure roles with Mirai.


Make the bot work how you want it to. Set an event channel to keep track of what happens on your server. Set up a welcome message to greet new users or direct message the rules to new users. Stop a user from using certain commands. There are many options avalible.


Everyone's favorite feature, you can talk to Mirai. Just start a message with @Mirai or send Mirai a direct message.


Set reminders right in Discord. This command will send you a message containing your reminder after a set ammount of time.

osu! Commands

Mirai has many osu! commands so you can show off to your server. Have Mirai post a signature generated by lemmmy's sig generator. Get a user's top 5 plays, and more.

Votes, Strawpolls, & Lotteries

Get people's opinions with a vote or strawpoll, or host a giveaway by starting a lottery.

Weather Image Generation

Get the weather in chat with a Google-like weather image. Powered by Dark Sky

Twitch Notifications

Get notified when a streamer goes live.

Anime Commands

Get information on anime, manga, novels, etc.
Search characters.
Stay on top of your massive watch list with the airing command. Mirai will DM you when something airs.

Listen.moe Streaming

Listen to Japanese music from Listen.moe's radio.